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Make That Call!

Just for Today - January 16

”We feared that if we ever revealed ourselves as we were, we would surely be rejected.... [But] our fellow members do understand us." Basic Text, p. 31


Just for Today - January 15

”We grow to feel comfortable with our Higher Power as a source of strength. As we learn to trust this Power, we begin to overcome our fear of life."  Basic Text, p. 24

A Loving God

Just for Today - January 14

”Our understanding of a Higher Power is up to us....  The only suggested guidelines are that this Power be loving, caring, and greater than ourselves." Basic Text, p. 24

Surrender to Win

Just for Today - January 13

"Help for addicts begins only when we are able to admit complete defeat." Basic Text, p. 22

Complete defeat-what a concept!  That must mean surrender.  Surrender-to give up absolutely.  To quit with no reservations.  To put up our hands and quit fighting.  Maybe to put up our hand at our first meeting and admit we're addicts.

Spiritual awakenings

Step 12

Just for Today - January 12

"Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps..." Step Twelve

"How will I know when I have had a spiritual awakening?"  For many of us, a spiritual awakening comes gradually.  Perhaps our first spiritual awareness is as simple as a new appreciation for life.  Maybe one day we'll suddenly discover the sound of birds singing early in the morning.  The simple beauty of a flower may remind us that there is a Power greater than ourselves at work around us.


Just for Today - January 11

"As we develop faith in our daily lives, we find that our Higher Power supplies us with the strength and guidance that we need" Basic Text, p. 91


Just for Today - January 10

 “I’m very grateful to have come to believe.” IP No. 21, The Loner

Belief in a Higher Power can make all the difference when the going gets tough!   When things don’t go our way in recovery, our sponsor may direct us to make a “gratitude list.”  When we do, we should include our faith in a Power greater than ourselves on the list.  One of the greatest gifts we receive from the Twelve Steps is our belief in a God of our own understanding.

Returning our sponsor's kindness

Just for Today - January 9

"Our earliest involvements with others often begin with our sponsor" Basic Text p. 55

Growing up

Just for Today - January 8

"Our spiritual condition is the basis for a successful recovery that offers unlimited growth" Basic Text p. 43


Just for Today - January 7

"Narcotics Anonymous offers addicts a program of recovery that is more than just a life without drugs.  Not only is this way of life better than the hell we lived, it is better than any life that we have ever known."  Basic Text p.103

How does it work?

Just for Today - January 6

"I used to think that I had all the answers, but today I am glad that I don't."  Basic Text p.272

What are the two favorite words of most addicts?  "I know!"   Unfortunately, many of us arrive in NA thinking we have all the answers.  We have a lot of knowledge about what's wrong with us.  But in and of itself, knowledge never helped us stay clean for any length of time.

Recovery at home

Just for Today - January 5

"We can enjoy our families in a new way and may become a credit to them instead of an embarrassment or a burden."  Basic Text p.100

We're doing great in recovery, aren't we?  We go to a meeting every day, we spend every evening with our friends in the fellowship, and every weekend we dash off to a service workshop.  But if things are falling to pieces at home, we're not doing so great after all.

The love of the fellowship

Just for Today - January 4

"Today, secure in the love of the fellowship, we can finally look another human being in the eye and be grateful for who we are." Basic Text p.89

Our greatest need

Just for Today - January 3

"We eventually redefine our beliefs and understanding to the point where we see that our greatest need is for knowledge of God's will for us and the strength to carry that out." Basic Text, p. 46

When we first arrived in NA, we had all kinds of ideas of what we needed.  Some of us set our sights on amassing personal possessions.  We thought recovery equaled outward success.  But recovery does not equal success.  Today, we believe that our greatest need is for spiritual guidance and strength.

Take a deep breath and talk to God

Just for Today - January 2

"Sometimes when we pray, a remarkable thing happens: We find the means, ways, and energies to perform tasks far beyond our capacities."

Basic Text, p. 44


Just for Today - January 1

"We keep what we have only with vigilance. . ."  Basic Text, p. 57

How do we remain vigilant about our recovery?  First, by realizing that we have a disease we will always have.  No matter how long we've been clean, no matter how much better our lives have become, no matter what the extent of our spiritual healing, we are still addicts.  Our disease waits patiently, ready to spring the trap if we give it the opportunity.

Being Of Service

Just for Today - December 31

"Working with others is only the beginning of service work." Basic Text, pg 56

We're in recovery now. Through living the program, we've attained some stability in our lives. Our faith in a Higher Power has grown. Our individual spiritual awakening is progressing comfortably. So now what? Do we simply sit still and enjoy? Of course not. We find a way to be of service.

Action and Prayer

Just for Today - December 30

"... growth is not the result of wishing but of action and prayer" Basic Text, pp. 35-36

Sometimes it seems as if our recovery is growing much too slowly. We struggle with the steps; we wrestle with the same problems; we labor under the same uncomfortable feelings day after day. We wish that recovery would move a little faster so we could find some comfort!

Through Others' Eyes

Just for Today - December 29

"When someone points out a shortcoming, our first reaction may be defensive....[But] if we truly want to be free, we will take a good look at input from fellow addicts."  Basic Text pg. 35


Just for Today - December 28

"We are no longer fighting fear anger guilt, self-pity, or depression." Basic Text pg. 26

As addicts, many of us experience depression from time to time. When we feel depressed, we may be tempted to isolate ourselves. However, if we do this, our depression may turn to despair. We can't afford to let depression lead us back to using.

God Could Restore Us to Sanity

Just for Today - December 27

"The process of coming to believe restores us to sanity. The strength to move into action comes from this belief." Basic Text pg. 24

Now that we've finally admitted our insanity and seen examples of it in all its manifestations, we might be tempted to believe that we are doomed to repeat this behavior for the rest of our lives. Just as we thought that our active addiction was hopeless and we'd never get clean, we might now believe that our particular brand of insanity is hopeless.

Never-Failing Power

Just for Today - December 26

"As we learn to trust this Power, we begin to overcome our fear of life."  Basic Text pg. 24

We are people accustomed to placing all our eggs in one basket. Many of us had one particular drug of choice that was our favorite. We relied on it to get us through each day and make life bearable. We were faithful to that drug; in fact, we committed ourselves to it without reservation. And then it turned on us. We had been betrayed by the only thing we had ever depended on, and the betrayal left us floundering.

Anonymity and Self-Will

Just for Today - December 25

"The drive for personal gain... which brought so much pain in the past falls by the wayside if we adhere to the principle of anonymity."  Basic Text pg. 73

The Group

Just for Today - December 24

"The Twelfth Step of our personal program also says that we carry the message to the addict who still suffers.... The group is the most powerful vehicle we have for carrying the message."  Basic Text pg. 65

New Ideas

Just for Today - December 23

"We reevaluate our ideas so we can become acquainted with the new ideas that lead to a new way of life." Basic Text, pg. 91

Learning to live a new way of life can be difficult. Sometimes, when the going gets especially hard, we're tempted to follow the path of least resistance and live by our old ideas again. We forget that our old ideas were killing us. To live a new way of life, we need to open our minds to new ideas.

A New Way to Live

Just for Today - December 22

"When at the end of the road we find that we can no longer function as a human being, either with or without drugs, we all face the same dilemma.... Either go on as best we can to the bitter ends-jails, institutions, or death-or find a new way to live." Basic Text pg. 84

Acceptance and Change

Just for Today - December 21

"Freedom to change seems to come after acceptance of ourselves."  Basic Text pg. 56

Overcoming Self-Obsession

Just for Today - December 20

"In living the steps, we begin to let go of our self-obsession."

Basic Text p.94

Many of us came to the program convinced that our feelings, our wants, and our needs were of the utmost importance to everyone. We had practiced a lifetime of self-seeking, self-centered behavior and believed it was the only way to live.

Walking the Way We Talk

Just for Today - December 19

"Words mean nothing until we put them into action."

Basic Text p.56

The Twelfth Step reminds us "to practice these principles in all our affairs:' In NA, we see living examples of this suggestion all around us. The more experienced members, who seem to have an aura of peace surrounding them, demonstrate the rewards of applying this bit of wisdom in their lives.

The Message of Our Meetings

Just for Today - December 18

“The fact that we, each and every group, focus on carrying the message provides consistency; addicts can count on us.”

Basic Text, pp. 64-65

Tales of our antics in active addiction may be funny.  Stories of our old bizarre reactions to life when using may be interesting.  But they tend to carry the mess more than the message.  Philosophical arguments on the nature of God are fascinating.  Discussions of current controversies have their place—however, it’s not at an NA meeting.